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Why Content Writing Is Important in SEO and SMO

A quote is prevalent in today’s market – “content is the food for a website”. It is often quoted to show the significance of written content on the website. The content writing has become a necessary aspect in SEO & SMO these days. The written content plays a vital role in increasing the ranking of a website over the search engines. We at PCITS also provide the content writing services to the clients. Different types of units come under the written content that is helpful for the visibility of the website. Content is classified under two categories, which include on-page and off-page content.

On-page content :

The content, which is written on the website, is known as on-page content.

Landing Page Content: The content, which is written on the web pages for informing the people about the company, its type of business or its services, is termed as landing page content.

Product Description: On an E-commerce website, which sells different products, each product consists of a separate web page. The description explaining the features and deals associated with products is often written on these pages, which is called product description.

Website Blog: It is necessary to keep the website updated to provide fresh content and to attract readers. It can be done by maintaining a website blog, which is required to be updated after regular intervals.

Off-page content :

The off-page content is written for the external websites.

Article: The information about the products or services is provided in an article. The information can be general or it can be specific to the industry, in which your company is dealing.

Blog: Apart from the website blogs, the blogs are posted on some external websites also. Significant links are appended in the keywords in blogs.

Press Release: A press release is a news item released by the company about its new event, product update or more.

Social Media Content: Content is also written to be posted on the social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.